We have helped Ms Toh, mid 40s, divorcee, to solve her misery from her financial woes, before MOP and SSD challenges
– We took up her case while other agents turned her down.
– Liaising authorities and obtained an approval to sell within MOP.
– Successfully obtained a certificate of ‘Seller Stamp Duty’ remitted.
– Sold her 5 room flat at her target price.
– Bought a 4 room flat nearer to her child‘s school and MRT.
– Clinched a 3 months extra time to renovate new home.
– Now able to make comfortable monthly repayments.

“Customer service is about empathy.” – Chaz Van de Motter


Met Mrs Toh during one of our property road show. Mrs Toh in her mid 40s, recently divorced. Co-owned a five room HDB at Blk 418 Sembawang. Her husband sold his share to Mrs Toh after divorced.

Mrs Toh’s income was not enough to secure the loan she needed, therefore her daughter who was working, became co-owner to help pay for the loan.

However, Mrs Toh faced another challenge. She has another 2 kids who are still schooling and despite with the help of her eldest daughter chipping in financially, it was still insufficient. Days of keeping up with monthly repayment are numbered.

One after another, she faced difficulties in managing her full time job and taking care of her two younger children. It was time consuming and energy draining for her in sending and fetching her kids from school as the distance is no where near her home and inconvenient to get to the nearest MRT.

Mrs Toh is at her wits end. Its either she struck lottery or sell her house or downsizing their home. The first is beyond control. Second, they have no place to stay. Her mum’s place is too small. That leaves her with no choice but the last. This way, not only will she obtain some sales proceeds and also to reduce her loan quantum. Therefore, she approached a number of real estate salesperson for advises.

Then again, wave after wave, to her horror, she was told that she was not allow to sell the house as it was still with 5 years minimum occupation period (MOP). Even with special selling approval from HDB, she is liable to pay for seller stamp duty (SSD) because her eldest daughter had just joined in the ownership.

All the agents that she approached, shunned away from her as they find it too complicated and troublesome to deal with.

Her desperate questions are:
– How is she going to afford to pay the SSD?
– Even if she can afford, can she sell her house within MOP?
– Should she sell first? But she has no place to put up while waiting for new home
– Should she buy first? But she has no money to pay for downpayment.
– Even if she can afford the downpayment, can she afford a flat that meets her requirement and yet within her budget?

Mrs Toh is having a panic attack. She started approaching as many agents as she can find. Unfortunately, their response are the same as previous. One day, she remembered she had a brief encounter with Bryan at Ang Mo Kio property road show, she decided to contact him for a try.

They met up and Bryan patiently understands her hazardous situation as well as her concerns. Bryan explains the whole process to her and worked out several proposal according to her needs.

Meanwhile, Bryan and his team buysellhome.sg, wrote in to relevant authorities to appeal on the MOP and SSD.

After weeks of corresponding emails to IRAS and HDB, IRAS agreed to waive the SSD based on compassionate grounds. HDB also allowed her to sell base on same reason. This was a massive piece of relieve for Mrs Toh. She thought it was way better than striking lottery.

With these approvals on hand, Bryan and his team started the marketing process of her house. Responses from the market started pouring in. However, it was not in the seller’s favour. Many negative feedbacks were received from buyers after viewing the unit.

Most commonly feedbacks were, “master bedroom irregular shaped”, “living hall and all bedrooms direct west sun facing”, “low floor”, “far from MRT station” etc.

Week after week, viewings after viewings, no offers came in. Time is running out. Mrs Toh can barely hold on to support her family.

Bryan and his team did not give up but dedicated more time and effort towards the marketing her unit. And finally, they not only sold her house at her asking price and also found her, her ideal home.

With their skills in negotiation, they also manage to get extra time extension stay from buyers so that there is enough time for her sales proceeds to come in from her house and also time for renovation.

It was a huge success. Mrs Toh was more than grateful towards us that we had a lost count of the number of time she and her family kept thanking us with tears in their eyes. We were invited to her house warming and were treated like VIPs.

The greatest achievement and satisfaction was that, not only we being able to solve her dilemmas and financial woes, and also manage to find her, her dream home and with lesser financial housing commitment.

If you find yourself going through this similar situation, contact us to find out how our team can help you. No obligations at all.

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